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"Stuck in line at the DMV."


I'm Zachary Poole and I'm in love with Los Angeles. I grew up in the Appalachian foothills of Central Pennsylvania, but a couple of Robin Williams films, an expensive acting degree, and a long walk later...

I'm stuck in line at the DMV. I have a car now.

I love stories, too. They're how I got myself into this particular situation. Once I figured out that I loved stories more than I feared anything, I decided telling them was what I was going to do. So now I write 'em. And I act in 'em. And I watch 'em unfold at every booth in every diner in this big beautiful Mecca of Story while I'm cutting into a fat stack of blueberry pancakes. Stories are a celebration of what it means to be alive, an invitation to dance. And whether I'm flying a Cessna 172, building a computer, or road tripping with the love of my life... pallie, we're dancin'.


Soundtrack? 1960s. All of it.


So here's the deal - I'm gonna keep celebrating what it means to be alive. Have a look at what I've been up to lately, and if you wanna work with me, give my reps a call. They're pretty incredible.

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